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Social Media

Social media is a hugely powerful tool, but it can also be a minefield. 

At Eley Marketing we specialise in creating authentic and influential social media accounts which help convey the story of you and your brand, along with important promotional material which helps to grow your business. 

At lot of marketing focuses on offers and incentives to generate short term income boosts, but it's important to use social media to create honest relationships with your customers, these in turn will drive interest in your products and services. 

Social media isn't just about reaching your current customers, Facebook and Instagram especially, have created powerful tools which let you guarantee your adverts are seen by exactly the sort of people who will be interested in your product. 


We're the official social media provider for the world famous, Maldon Mud Race!

See what we're up to!

  • The Maldon Mud Race Facebook
  • Maldon Mud Race Twitter
Here's who else we're working with today!
Big Barn.jpg

We work with Big Barn across all of their social media channels.


We're working hard to drive up engagement and encouraging people to think about where their food is coming from!

  • Big Barn CiC Instagram
  • Big Barn CiC Facebook Page
  • Big Barn CiC Twitter Page
  • Big Barn CiC YouTube Page
TFV logo portrait.png

We manage all of The Fussy Vegans social media.


We're growing a brand from scratch for them in a niche market - exciting times are ahead.

  • The Fussy Vegans Instagram
  • The Fussy Vegans Facebook Page
  • The Fussy Vegans Twitter Page
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